1. Where do we deliver the goods?

Online store R&A delivers:

  1. to all cities of Ukraine (Kiev, Odessa, Dnipro, Lviv, Kharkiv, Zaporozhye, Ivano-Frankivsk and others)
  2. to the former CIS countries (Belarus, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Uzbekistan, Estonia)
  3. to the European Union countries: Poland, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Greece, Sweden, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal.

2. Where does the product go from?

  • Part of the goods is shipped from a warehouse in Ukraine, in Kiev.
  • Some of the goods are shipped from the warehouses of manufacturers from North America (USA, Canada) and Europe. Delivery is carried out by the manufacturer himself.

3.  How is the delivery of the goods to the buyer?

  1. Goods that are in stock in Kiev are sent to the buyer at the address specified by him or the delivery service department within 1-2 business days after the buyer places an order on the website or via a call center.
  2. Goods that are in stock in North America (USA, Canada) or Europe, after placing an order by the buyer on the website or through a call center, undergo the following procedure.
    1. Formation of the order of 1 to 5 days (goods can be in different warehouses, which are located throughout the country and it takes time to bring them together)
    2. Delivery of goods from America or Europe to the office, to Kiev, where the manager makes their inspection, documents the presentation of the goods (absence, presence of defects if they appeared during transportation), takes pictures of the products, if there are any remarks, we contact the buyer, we inform you about everything you decide: to refuse to purchase with the return of the entire value of the goods, to buy at a discount or other.
    3. After the above operations, the order is sent to the buyer at the address or branch of the delivery service specified by him when placing the order (on the website online or call center). Documentation and photographs of the product are stored for 20 days.

4. Delivery time

to Ukraine

to CIS countries from Kiev

to European countries from Kiev

  1. Delivery of goods from a warehouse in Ukraine - 1-3 work/day.
  2. Delivery of goods from Europe -  7-14 work/days.
  3. Delivery of goods from North America (USA, Canada)-10-14 work/days.
  1. Belarus - 6-8 slave/days
  2. Georgia - 8-12 slave/days.
  3. Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia-7-10 slave/days
  4. Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan-14-28 slave/days
  5. Moldova -
  6. Russia-14-28 slave/days
  1. Poland, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Greece, Sweden, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal-7-10 slave/days

5. What affects the delivery time?

Delivery to Ukraine, CIS countries, Europe, by courier, delivery service offices We specify the maximum delivery period, which is actually less than the stated period, as we take into account all possible conditions that could potentially affect the time of delivery of the goods to the buyer.

factors affecting the delivery time are:

  1. your location (country, city, region) and distance from the point of departure from Kiev.
  2. your chosen third-party delivery service, which has its own internal schedule and work schedule, different from (just note that such cases are very rare and for all the time of our work there were only two, but in any case, we must warn you about it).
  3. the amount of cash on delivery (if such is true only for Ukraine), an average of 20-30 UAH + % of the amount of cash on delivery.

We draw your attention To the fact that the online store R&a and our partners (third-party delivery service) always seeks to minimize the time of the order and receive your goods, and its expectation comfortable. We are constantly improving logistics and finding new solutions to improve service. we cooperate with leading delivery services in Ukraine and abroad, the efficiency and reliability of which we have repeatedly seen.

6. Delivery methods

You can choose one of the following delivery options.

  1. Delivery by courier in Kiev by the delivery service of the online store R&A
  2. Delivery by a courier of a third-party delivery service (see list below)
  3. Delivery to the delivery service department (see below).

7. Cost of delivery

  1. Delivery of goods across Ukraine, to the CIS countries and Europe from a warehouse in Kiev at the rates of the carrier of your choice. Delivery courier online store R & A in Kiev - 50 ₴.
  2. Delivery of goods from North America to Ukraine - from $ 10.
    • The cost depends on the weight and quantity of products, in the calculation of 1 kg = $ 10, each subsequent + $ 5.5 (on the 16th day after the purchase of the goods, you can return this amount back, see below).
    • When paying, the amount is recalculated to the Ukrainian hryvnia at the bank rate at the time of placing the order.
    • Free delivery of goods across Ukraine to the carrier’s department specified by the buyer, as well as by courier of the R & A online store in Kiev.
    • When making payment by cash on delivery, you pay the cost of expenses associated with cash on delivery at the carrier's tariffs. The standard cost of cash on delivery services consists of the cost of the return parcel +% of the amount of cash on delivery.
    • Delivery by courier in Kiev is free, delivery by courier delivery services in other cities of Ukraine is paid separately + 50.
  3. Delivery to the CIS countries and Europe includes the cost of shipping goods from North America or Europe to Ukraine + shipping costs from Kiev to the address specified by the buyer.
  4. Delivery by courier to the address is
  5. When placing an order, you choose a delivery method where the cost is calculated and indicated.
  6. You are offered the smallest amount of shipping possible.
  7. In the future, we will optimize delivery to the CIS countries and Europe, which will soon be directly from North America
  8. In ordering, you can choose the method of delivery, where the amount will be indicated. In the future, we will optimize the delivery to the CIS countries and Europe, which will soon be directly from North America.

8. Return Shipping Cost

When ordering from 2000 ₴, on the fifteenth day after completing the order (the report starts from the next day after 100% payment and the buyer receives the goods) you submit a request for a return shipping cost from the USA, Canada and Europe to Ukraine and within 3 working days you will be returned amount on the bank card with which the payment was made. It is important that your bank card be without a commission for transferring funds, otherwise the store reserves the right to request the number of another card or the commission amount to include the expenses of the buyer.

9. Third-party delivery services of their offices and tariffs

We cooperate only with proven, well-established delivery services. The cost of delivery according to the tariffs of the carrier chosen by you, as well as we noted above, this will affect the delivery time. Next, get to know our partners and their services.

 delivery Service in Ukraine "New Mail"

international delivery service Meest Express

 delivery Service in Ukraine, CIS, Europe & quot;Intime"

international DHL

UKRPOSHTA-delivery service in Ukraine, abroad

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Representative offices

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International delivery "

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International departure »

10. How does the design and delivery process work?

  1. you make an online order on the website and choose the delivery method suitable for you (if you choose delivery to the branch of a third-party service, you must specify the number or address of the branch of a foreign service in the comments to the order. After that, the operator contacts you and clarifies the information. If you do not specify the address or branch number, the operator will enter it in the order with your words, then you can see it in my account .
  2. you can make an order through our call-center and inform the operator of all the information that he will make in your order.
  3. after all the procedures for payment you will receive an email notification about sending the goods from the warehouse, its arrival in Ukraine and sending  across Ukraine.
  4. you can track the movement of goods from Kiev to Ukraine or CIS, Europe in the service of a third-party delivery service.
  5. after the arrival of the goods in the Department of a third-party service, you receive an SMS message and an invitation to pick up the goods.
  6. If you have ordered a courier delivery, the courier will contact you and agree on the delivery time.
  7. If you have arranged delivery of the goods to the Department of a third-party delivery service, you get the goods there.
  8. when you Receive an item, you must follow the important procedures outlined in the following paragraph. This is important for the exchange or return of the goods, as in case of non-compliance, you will not be able to return or exchange it. 
  9. If your order is from 2000 ₴ and none of the goods was returned, then 15 days after the purchase of the goods (from the day after the 100% payment and receipt of the goods), you contact us and confirm the return of the cost of shipping the goods (s) from the USA, Canada, Europe to Ukraine (Kiev) on a bank card. It is important that the card be without a fee for the transfer of funds.

11. What should I do upon receipt of the goods?

Manufacturers are very scrupulous about warranty, exchange and return. European and American (that is, the world) criteria for the quality of the goods, also apply to the exchange and return procedure, which is very important to comply with. (for more details on the previously proposed link). And the first step to this is to receive the goods, as it is crucial to detect defects received during transportation immediately (as we have focused your attention above, our Manager checks the goods and fixes it on the photo, which can be sent to you if necessary). We cooperate with well-known brands all over the world, but the goods can pass through a lot of extraneous hands, and as you know the human factor, no one excludes. Therefore, when you receive the goods, check it and in case of the following problems, please let us know.

    upon receipt of the goods

    1. check whether the packaging has been broken or there is no damage;
    2. package contents and product integrity;
    3. availability of items on the sales receipt;
    4. check that the size, color and other options of the product match what you ordered;
    5. be careful with the packaging, when returning the product should look exactly the same;
    6. if you have any questions or claims, please let us know immediately;
    7. you pick up the goods and if you have previously chosen cash on delivery, then pay the remaining amount;
    8. From this moment your order is considered completed.

    If you can't find the answer to your question ask us and we will certainly answer it.