Guarantees, exchange, refund

Internet-shop R&A only the original product. In our assortment you will not find fakes, replicas or Chinese copies, only official branded products. Also we have presented only new collections of this year. We do not trade and do not offer you products 2 or more years ago, as all their remains manufacturers recycle or sell to the countries of the 3rd world, at a price below cost.

in delivery we wrote that the goods presented on the website are delivered to the buyer from a warehouse in Kiev or from warehouses in America and Europe. All products are original and delivered by the manufacturers, only in the first case it was done in advance, and in the second, delivered exclusively under your order.

1. Quality assurance and warranty

    a 100% guarantee of the originality and quality of the goods and the obligations of the manufacturer and the online store of R&A you can confirm the Originality of the products purchased from us by the original packaging, brand tags and stickers, as well as by invoice manufacturer, which you can receive by mail in the form of a photocopy (the original invoice is not sent to the buyer, as it is necessary to comply with the procedure of exchange or return of the goods).

  1. for all products of the online store R&a  warranty from the manufacturer, which meets European and international standards. The manufacturer is responsible for the quality of the product and ensures its exchange and return.
  2. confirmation of warranty is a letter sent to the specified e-mail address by the buyer with the order number and all information.
  3. According to the "Law on the protection of the rights of consumers" you have the right to exchange or return goods within 14 calendar days. 
  4. According to the "Law on the protection of consumer rights" resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 172 of 19.03.1994goods of a certain group, as well as goods the impossibility of exchange or return, which is prescribed in contract offer and confirmed by the buyer at ordering, exchange or return are not subject to or the procedure is governed by the described rules.

2. Exchange, return of goods

  1. 100% exchange and return of goods delivered from a warehouse in Kiev, America, Europe If upon receipt of the goods at the office of the carrier or from the courier you will find a discrepancy of options on the tag of the product (size, color name, etc.) and options of the goods specified in the order, and also a defect or damage to products you can this product to return it to exchange for same, order the other or keep it for yourself and receive a discount.
  2. If you have received the product in the compartment of the carrier or courier, you have 14 days for exchange or refund. In this case, the exchange or return of the product is considered for personal reasons of the buyer and the return delivery of the goods to the warehouse from which was sent to the buyer.  The amount of return shipping is the same as the shipping cost specified at checkout which will be deducted from the refund amount, and the exchange paid by the buyer in addition.
    • when returning or exchanging goods that were in stock in Kiev, the client pays for the shipment and receives 100% of the value of the goods or changes to another, which is also located in Kiev.
    • when returning goods sent to the buyer from warehouses in America or Europe, you receive 100% of the cost of goods minus the cost of delivery to the warehouse of departure.
    • when you exchange goods sent to the buyer from a warehouse in America or Europe, you change the goods and you pay for the delivery from Ukraine to America in one direction.
  3. Exchange and return of goods is relevant only for Ukraine.

3. Terms of exchange or return

All products purchased on the website of the online store R&a you learn in the original packaging, with brand tags and stickers. As we & nbsp; reported in terms of delivery all products at a certain stage are fixed in the photo and documented for comparison when exchanged or returned (photos at the request of the buyer can be sent to the specified in the order mail). The buyer is solely responsible for the condition and completeness of the returned goods. To return and exchange the product, you must comply with the following conditions. 

  1. the Product must be in the original packaging (shoes in a box), which in turn should not be broken and have the original presentation, ie. in the form in which it was received by you.
  2. the Goods must not be used in everyday life, without signs of operation, of proper quality and conform to the original consumer's mind in which you received it.
  3. Required documents: receipt, order number corresponding to the order number in our database and in your personal account, copies of which you send when you make a return on the site. 
  4. completeness and options (color, size, etc.) e) the products must fully comply with the completeness and options specified in the order.
  5. Be sure to include in the parcel the original receipt that was issued to you upon receipt.
  6.  registration of the application for a refund on the website of the online store R&a, which must be filled.
  7. when ordering multiple products, you can not split the order and refuse to receive one product. First you make out the receipt and then make a return of this product according to the procedure below.
  8. be sure to enclose all documents in the parcel with the goods.
  9. Refund is made only to the Bank card from which the payment was made for the goods.

4. How to make an exchange or return of goods

  1. you make an online application for a return of goods, this link fill in all the fields and specify the genuine information that will be checked.
  2. Specify in the application the Bank card details
  3. Send copies of documents: sales receipt, invoice (scanned or photo).
  4. After checking the application you will receive a response and if the return or exchange of goods to the warehouse in America or Europe, we will send a description of further action.
  5. pack the goods Securely,  & nbsp;for example, pack a Shoe box in an extra box, and on the Shoe box itself do not stick any post stickers - packaging is part of the product).
  6. Send us the goods for examination to the specified branch of the carrier.
  7. ordered item was in stock in Kiev after we've received and verified for compliance with all the above rules you get a refund or exchange on the specified product, which is the same in Kiev. If you want to exchange for goods that are in stock in America or Europe, you will pay an additional shipping cost to Ukraine.
  8. If the goods were delivered to you from a warehouse in America or Europe, after receiving and checking it for compliance with the above norms, we send the product to a warehouse in the United States or Canada and upon arrival at its destination, you receive a refund, which will be deducted from the cost of return shipping. If you order an exchange for the same or other goods in the same warehouse then you pay the shipping cost to Ukraine. If the goods for which you want to make the exchange is in stock in Kiev, then you sent  this product and you pay only the cost of delivery to and from Kiev to your address in Ukraine.
  9. Refund to the card is made within 7 working days from the date of confirmation of return.

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