About us

R & A is a modern online store of brand clothes, shoes, accessories. The name is based on the abbreviation of the names of Ruslan and Alina, which symbolize the direction of the store - the goods for her and for him. Here you will find all the varieties of top, bottom, winter, summer, off-season, sports, stylish, fashionable and other clothes, shoes and accessories for children (girls and boys, teenagers, boys and girls), as well as women and men.

The R & A online store was created in 2015, when we noticed that in Ukraine, and later it became clear in Europe: first, there is no online store of new collections of original clothing, shoes and accessories from well-known manufacturers for the whole family ( after monitoring the market, it became clear that many of Ukraine have old, at least last year's and more collections that have long been missing from brand catalogs. Secondly, the cost of goods is greatly overestimated and differs from the real one by 100% or more. third, in Ukraine and Europe There are unique products of some brands that limit them for one market, the so-called "closed sales", to which you do not have access. And we decided to fill all of the above by 100% and give you the opportunity to buy everything you want and the best . Our main office in Kiev (Ukraine) (for more details see. Contacts), we ship goods all over Ukraine, to the countries of Europe and the former CIS.

 Products from the best world brands with closed sales  Unique price, discounts, promotions for branded goods in Internet shop R&A Stylish, fashionable, branded clothing, shoes accessories for women and other family members

What are our differences?

  1. We offer a unique range of products closed salespopular manufacturers! Previously, these models were not available to buyers in Europe and Ukraine, and only thanks to the online store R&A you can order them yourself.
  2. we have only original products delivered by the manufacturers, so you get the original quality guarantee and exchange, return of goods.
  3. customized buy goods from any stores in the US and Europe. 
  4. One of our main goals is to offer you a comfortable, high-quality service, satisfying your need for high-quality, brand, fashionable and original clothes, shoes and accessories for women, men and children of all ages. High standards, confidentiality and security, maximum functionality, sense of humor and individual style are our core values.
  5. We are “fans” of bold and creative combinations, human spontaneity and unusualness, thanks to which we sell products that inspire free expression in any weather, on weekdays or on a holiday for the joy of ourselves. your loved ones and our beloved children.
  6. We especially note the products for the smallest - newborns and babies that you can buy from us. This group has a special attitude and attention, since these are the baby’s first steps in life and the most important thing is for him to feel comfortable, comfortable and safe, and his parents were confident of this and not overpay.

Working hours

  1. in the online store R&a orders are accepted:
      • online 24 hours a day 7 days a week
      • through the call-center daily from 10.00 to 22.00
  2. Registration of return or exchange of goods on the site 24/7.
  3. we process orders and call back the customer daily orders from 10.00 to 23.00 or at the specified time in the comments to the order.
  4. delivery Service in Kiev online store R & a, as well as the departure time of goods Monday - Saturday from 10.00 to 20.00.

How do we work?

  1. You draw up order or via call-center (phone) we contact you and confirm the order, delivery address, payment method and all others. the components of the purchase.
  2. Next, we write out the goods from the manufacturer's warehouse.
  3. Parcel is formed from 1 hour to 1-3 days, and then sent to your address.
  4. you receive the order (time delivery depends on your location), check it (when you first purchase make sure the authenticity and originality of the goods, after which we are sure to become our regular customers), if you need to pay the remaining amount and enjoy a unique purchase. 
  5. within 14 days you can return or exchange the goods from the manufacturer and make a return or exchange, after which we send the goods to the manufacturer and you get back the money or your chosen other goods.